Cost of Wholesaling in the SF Bay Area?

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Hi! I am doing my research on starting a wholesaling business. I'm located in the SF Bay Area and am curious if anyone out there in the BP ether would be willing to share stats on how much they spend on their marketing per deal? 

The goal would be to have two deals done next year, and idea is to handwrite letters and mail them to a driving for dollars list I've generated over the years (~200 leads on this list). I'm also willing to handwrite to other lists (tax delinquent, high equity, probate, eviction, etc). 

You can find many examples on Real Estate Disrupters podcast. 

I don't know any wholesalers from the Bay on Bigger pockets, but from what I hear from a few local real estate investors who do mailers is that they their mailers cost over $5k each time they send it out. They do it on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 

I hope this helps.