what do you think? 6 units in North Berkeley.

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6 units located in North Berkeley, walking distance to BART, 4 2 bed 1 bath. 2 2 bed 1.5 bath. Last vacancy rented for 2850 last year. One unit will be vacant at close of escrow. Total gross rental income is 115k to 125k depends on the vacancy rental. is this a good deal to buy? if so, what is the reasonable price? Any ideas? Thank you so much!

For anyone to analyze your deal you need to give more info such as how much is the asking price? What are the expenses?

the asking is around 2mil? it is off market. if anybody is interested, please message me. 

can you tell us how much is the rents for each unit and how much are the expenses.

unit 1 1786.42

unit 2 1243.86

unit 3 737.16

unit 4 750.01

unit 5 1617.14

unit 6 2705

Any investors who is interested to buy it, please message me with your price. Need a fast deal. 

Hi Angela, what are the monthly expenses (maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance, admin/legal, management, etc.)? Trying to calculate NOI and then back into value using a cap rate.

Dear Marc, is below market rent rate and it is definitely low cap rate.  2bed rent is about 3000/m upon market right now. I may get the monthly expenses soon. 

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