Rumors About Bakersfield

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Recently, I met a man who owns multiple properties and some in the Bakersfield area. He mentioned that the Bakersfield area is sinking? Is that true? Property is pretty “cheap” compared to other areas. Like to hear from others

Not sure if you mean literal sinking or sinking in terms of prices.  I do not believe Bakersfield prices are sinking it just might seem that way because they are cheaper than most other areas of California.  Also their population has grown by almost 50% since 2000

I know that some areas in the central valley have experienced literal sinking due to pulling too much groundwater out of the ground though.

Sinking as in, the earth land is sinking/lowering each year and are causing major property problems.

@Francois Acosta Is the land sinking yes, but I haven't heard of it causing major structural problems yet, there are some areas that have lost over 10 feet of elevation already, but always look at the individual property.  It is similar to Florida in that you want to make sure that the house you're buying doesn't have a sinkhole risk but don't avoid Florida as a whole either.

@Francois Acosta I think the man that you were talking was correct about the sinking problems but that was studied a few years ago.  I live in Bakersfield and we have not seen any major structural damage as of yet.  In fact the city is growing at a rapid pace and striving to diversify its job growth from being known as the "oil & ag" town.  

As far as property being pretty cheap, everything is relative.  Is the property cheaper than almost anywhere else in CA with a similar size population? Yes.  Is the property cheaper than other parts of the country?  No.  

If you are interested I would love to chat further!  Feel free to PM me!

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