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My name is Chris Sutterfield and I am an Oklahoma resident involved in investment real estate.  I have commercial holdings but I am primarily in the buy and hold business consisting of single family residences.  My day job is general surgery.  My partners and I would like to acquire a home in the O.C. area relatively close to the beach that can be used as a VRBO.  I will be in the Balboa Island area this weekend and was hoping to look at a few properties Sat morning.  I would also like to establish a working relationship with a good agent that understands the investment arena.  I am a huge fan of BiggerPockets and the people affiliated.  Hoping to get a referral.

Hi, William-- I am a realtor here in the OC area. I would love to connect with you and see what your needs are. I only work with investors- I work a lot of out of state deals, but also do CA properties. 

CC me if you would like to chat. thanks! Melissa

@William Sutterfield some cities have banned vacation rentals, and some only allow within so many streets/miles near beaches. I am very familiar with vacation rentals and work with clients and property managers in the area. We can chat about strategy and what areas have banned. One city has just said they will grandfather in vacation rentals- and applications are due. After this date-- none are allowed. So, let's chat. Melissa

@William Sutterfield Would love to learn more about your investment interests. I'm with a real estate investment fund and we focus on commercial and multi-family properties in emerging markets here in OK and in the southwest. 

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