Any Wholesalers in the Inland Empire California area??

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Hi BP members,

 I'am brand new to real estate investing and i been doing a lot of self educating on it mostly wholesale. Im from the Rancho Cucamonga inland empire area. Is there any seasoned wholesaler who knows the game that i could possibly meet up with and talk and give guidance to completing my first deal. I still haven't found exactly what type of contracts to use and a escrow company that will work with me. I can treat you to some lunch every time we can meet up. Or even a real estate attorney who can shed some light on what contracts i need . I been to seminars and got invited to join a club but of course at the end its $$$ upfront. And i understand knowledge isn't free all the time but, paying a few grand for a 3 day class or 50 grand for a personal "coach" isn't in my banks and i agenda at the moment. So Any help , advice , words of wisdom or anything relating to wholesale and about contracts i need and where to get them would be great! thanks

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This post has been removed.

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