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Hello everyone! New to REI and looking to connect with any new or seasoned investors in the Socal area to network, share ideas and learn as much as I can firsthand on the market. I want to start in wholesaling but want to get my foot in the door and network as much as possible before I start on a deal. Any help/advice would be much appreciated...thanks in advance!!

Hi Jeff, I can't tell what Socal city you're from. There's a very tight network of real estate investment clubs down here. Warning: avoid the use of the word "wholesaling." You'll get a lot of eye-rolling. It's really important to understand how much time you have to dedicate to the business. In California, it's very competitive. Most deals are coming from equity sellers, investors creating value (new construction, ADUs, adding square footage, etc.), and very last is MLS. Figure how you plan to find the deals, do it, and the rest will fall in place.

Thank you @Karen Rittenhouse !! I've already attended a couple of meetings from the MeetUp.com website. A lot of good information and great way to network. Thanks for the best wishes!! 

Thanks @Aaron Norris ...I'm located in Menifee which is in Riverside County, near Temecula. I've been doing a lot of research in the field and dedicate on average about 2 hours a day studying the industry. I have most of my afternoons available. Thanks for the heads up on the "wholesaling" thing. I plan on practicing how to run the numbers on deals through websites like Zillow, RedFin, etc and make sure I get it right before actually pursuing one. If I can network with an active investor to see how it's ran from start to finish even better!! My goal for now is to network and learn as much as I can! Thanks for the advice!!

Jeff welcome to BiggerPockets! I am a new investor my self out of SoCal. I am located in Sunnyvale San Jose, now it is my understanding that our market here is very challenging and very competitive. I have been doing lots and lots of research like your self, let me know if there’s anything I can help you with. Maybe we can meet up for coffee or so and discuss this industry.

@Bader Alameri let me know you'd be interested in investing in the Coachella Valley. The Valley spans from Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs in the West, to Indio and Coachella to the South East. It is about 30 miles from end to end and there are various types of investment opportunities. Let me know if you'd like to talk more.

A good way to start is to Bird-Dog for other successful investors in your area.

I can introduce you to some of our clients in Menifee area. They are also looking for inventory. Send me a message, I'll forward to you their contact info 

Hey Jeff,

Came across your post. Im essentially 7 months behind you. Just started looking into this REI and doing the research. I too am looking to wholesaling initially. I am in Murrieta and would welcome the chance to sit and discuss ideas.