Contractor Referral? My contractor has his hands full...

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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody had a contractor for single family home flips they can recommend in Stockton/Lodi area? My current contractor is jam packed with work and I need someone for my next several acquisitions.  They also need to check properties to help with cost estimating after I got the property under contract.

Any recommendations?

Hey Gi'angelo, don't know if you are still in need for a good contractor but one that I use for all my projects is Gordon Branson out of Modesto.  Have had him do work for me in on multiple projects in Modesto, Stockton, and Oakdale.  Let me know if you would like his contact info.

If you are still looking, I have had Ken Lederle Construction do work for me on my rehabs. He has been on site with all of the projects so he is kind of like a built in PM. He has been doing remodels and additions since the 80's. Message me if you want his contact info. 

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