Property Management for Duplex in Lakewood CO

1 Reply | Denver, Colorado

My husband and I own a duplex in Lakewood that we have been managing ourselves for the past 6 years. We are interested in trying property management as we now live about an hour away and have started a family. We are nervous to let go of the control but also really sick of going there all the time because a tenant didn't close the refrigerator and thinks its broken, leaking shower, etc.. Of course we have months when they don't need anything but there are sometimes minor plumbing issues, sprinkler system issues, pest control, etc.. We are on the fence about paying for something we can do ourselves and it's our only rental property so we are highly invested in how its going over there. We like to take great care of our tenants, we picked them ourselves and would feel bad hiring management that didn't treat them good. Sorry for the novel, we've been debating this for years, and sometimes its too much and we just want to sell it and get out of the game completely. Figured we should give prop management a shot before throwing in the towel! 

Does anyone have a company they recommend that handles everything for you that you have used for a long time and really trust? 

Having managed it ourselves we've dealt with so many disappointing contractors and vendors of various types that its hard to imagine finding a good property management company would be easy! Also- if you've done this sort of transition yourself .. how do you deal with letting go of control? I'm excited in some ways but so nervous in others! 

Thanks in advance!