Looking for Co Springs agent and an inspectors

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Hi All,

I have a property under contract in Colorado Springs that I plan to rehab and sell. I don't know that market well (I live in Denver) and could use a good agent to make sure my ARV estimates are reasonable, and handle the sale after rehab.

I also need a home inspection and possibly a termite inspection.

Time is of the essence - I'm closing on May 8.

I will be a the house today at noon. If you happen to be free around that time, send me a DM to coordinate.



Hi Derek,

I would be happy to assist on all fronts. I will reach out to via a private message.

Hi @Derek Scruggs ,

I have @Austin Pollock list all my properties for sale and I will reach out to him to have him DM you on here to get with you about your rehab.

Congrats on the purchase!

I recently worked with Gary Jordan of Remax on a purchase and he did a great job working with my wife and I.  We live in WA and Gary did a great job covering the bases for us from afar.  He also connected us with Stewart Ritter of Pillar to Post for the inspection.  Gary and Stewart both have been great assets after our purchase as well.  They've connected us with a number of contractors to help with property upkeep.  If you contact Gary, please let him know we recommended him.  Best of luck with you on the rehab part!

I have used Mike form MC2 Home Inspectors twice.  I think he would be willing to do inspections in CS.  He doesn't work w. realtors, is extremely thorough, used to do flips, and has a very well put together product after the inspection.  I definitely recommend his work.

Awesome job Derek, did the transaction end up going as smoothly as you'd like? I'm a brand new member to BP & am trying to get in contact with as many genuine guys/girls in the Colorado Springs/Denver area as possible to build my network. Wholesaling single family homes is my main focus at the moment!   

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