Hey BP members, this is my first post

We just bough a duplex off of willamette ave and did a full renovation and rented it out.  The yard is way to big in the back and we thought a tiny home (less than 400 sq/ft) would be an ideal addtion.  We are doing the research now whether we should build from scratch or drop a tiny home pre-built on a foundation.   My initial research showed they are hot on airbnb, and I already have 3 people interested.  We havn't decided if we would rent short term or monthly. Some questions I have about the process.

What hurdles do I need to overcome when adding a living structure?  My property is zone R2/R5.

Im looking to do a cash-out refi, should I wait to the tiny home is built?

Any good tiny home companies or home builders in the Springs you would recommend?


Jeff Meinders