Looking for a local Note Investor

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Hello, I'm looking for note investors in the Colorado Springs area that I could meet with and pick their brain on the subject. I'm interested in performing notes to start, eventually getting into NPN. Also I'm not preferential to any market at this point, just wanting to learn more about the ins an outs of note investing. Does anyone know of someone in the springs, Monument or Castle Rock area? Also, any real estate groups recommended?

Thanks for the shout @Garry C. . @Nathan Patterson  feel free to come up to the meetup. It's the South side of Denver so probably around 45-55 minutes from you. I don't think there is a group in Castle Rock. I am happy to talk about what I am doing in notes.

@Garry C.   Thanks for the tip!  I'll check it out. 

@Norberto Villanueva   I definitely will. 

@Bryan O. I'm looking into coming to your event.  Is this event more socializing/meeting or does it have a set topic that are talked about each meeting.   

@Nathan Patterson it is social. I am not a fan of the meetings with set topics or speakers because half the time is spent listening to something that may not apply to you when you could have been networking with the person that does what you want or provides the service you need. Hope to see you there!

I’m not local but would be willing to help discuss over the phone. I also recommend checking out @Scott Carson at “we close Notes”. He’s got an iTunes podcast that answers everything! His niche is 1st liens.

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