Looking For a Lawyer CO Springs / Pueblo

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Hi Colorado Springs!  I am looking for a  colorado lawyer who has a strong understanding of real estate investing and can advise me in entity creation / set up for our various businesses and pieces of real estate. I actually don’t live in Colorado Springs, so location is somewhat loose. (I live in the San Luis Valley). Thanks in advance. 

@Laura Mezoff - I would recommend talking to @Tim Priebe . The easiest way to reach him is just google "Colorado Springs Attorney Tim Priebe" and you'll find the phone number first thing.

@Laura Mezoff, @John Finger is a local real estate attorney who is also an active investor himself. He can often be found at local networking events (not much help for you in the Valley), but you can also find him online. BP won't let us post phone numbers.

Thank you both! I will check with them and see if they would be a good fit.  Cheers.

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