Colorado Springs meet up

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Hello BP!

Super new to the game and excited to jump in and learn.  I work with a local non-profit in town and am interested in investing in RE on the side for some passive income.  Currently under contract with first property- a duplex in central COS!  Would love to meet up with any one of you for advice/wisdom/stories etc. Current plan is to house hack for a bit and then move on and continue to grow.  Preferably looking for a smaller investor who would want to trade some RE talk, perhaps about landlording/house hacking!  Beers on me!

@Shane Klackner - I would recommend going to the Real Estate Investor Association this coming Tuesday night (March 5th) at 6:30 PM at Third Space Coffee.

@Shane Klackner
Welcome Shane! I'm working on some pretty niche investments in Colorado Springs. I live in South Denver but i'm down there quite a bit. PM me and we can meet up next time I'm down there.

Hi all,

I will be in CO Springs next week. Are there any REI meet ups happening that you know of? Would love to join.


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