Property Management Software for 10-100 units

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I'm getting ready to purchase a property management software package to better manage a medium size portfolio of single family homes in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I've been meeting with a number of companies like Buildium, Appfolio, etc.  Each have there pros and cons.  I'm actively searching for 12-50 unit apartment buildings to buy which I would be adding to the mix.  

Any recommendations out there on a good property management platform that can handle both smaller SFR portfolios and scale up with small MultiFamily buildings? Some platforms seemed to be overkill for a max 50-100 unit portfolio.

I have used Buildium and Appfolio and strongly prefer Buildium.  It was just easier to use, the reports were better, and it allowed me to grow without overpaying.

Plus it has been over a year since I stopped using Appfolio and they call me all the time even though I tell them to stop!

No experience with Appfolio but also recommend Buildium. Their customer service is fantastic and set-up was pretty simple. Converting tenants from mailing checks to online e-pay was easier than expected also. 

Appfolio would be overkill and far too expensive for that size portfolio, but Buildium or Rentec Direct would be what I would recommend.  I've tried all three and I chose Rentec Direct.  Better pricing and the absolute best customer service.

There's also some new services out there that I've seen but haven't tried.  RentPost, Trurent, etc.

I also recommend Buildium, it is a great software that will grow with you as you scale up. They have great customer service and are always adding new features. We've been with them for many years. I have not used the others but looked into AppFolio a while ago and still receive constant calls and emails from them...@Brie Schmidt I feel your pain!

Add me to the list of Buildium supporters. I am finishing a 15 day trial with them and agree that they are all of what was said above by others. I also tested a few others including Rent Manager which is fairly robust....$75-$150 a month and stepper set up costs 

At $45/mth for up to 24 units, Buildium seems to be a good value with all the core features needed to run a professional looking business.  I appreciate all the recommendations from current users above and open to any more feedback.  I met with the Buildium rep last month after doing the free trial.  I also tried TrueRent for $10/mth and a $1 per ACH rent transfer fee.  So far, pretty cumbersome setup and not a great experience for my tenants.  It's always challenging to tell how a software will perform until you really throw ALL your business into it.  

Hoping to make a final decision here this month.  I'll also check out the vote from @Martin Miller for Rentec Direct which wasn't on my radar.  I guess the only negative I've heard about Buildium is difficulty setting up custom reports and key performance trackers... but that might be true for all PM s/w at this price point.

We looked at several packages, assessed Appfolio determining it  it was too heavy for under 50 properties, and decided on Buildium. They are very friendly, customer service is great and conversion from manual processing was pretty simple. Agree that converting tenants from mailing checks to online e-pay was easier than expected also (and highly recommended).  They also continue to add new functions and options.