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Hi FoCo!

I'm ready to make the move to Fort Collins soon and I'm a VERY ambitious investor.  I'm looking for mentors, industry related work, anything that'll help me get on my feet when I take the leap out there. Of course, I'll be of any service I can be to you as well.  If anyone would like to reach out, my information is on my page! Very much looking forward to meeting/working with you guys in beautiful Colorado. 

@Holly Baum I'm beyond excited! I've visited Boulder and Winter Park but never Fort Collins. My cousin moved there some years ago and she says with my personality (and tattoo collection) id fit right in. Even went as far as to call me "Fort Collins poster boy" haha but I'll be there to grow myself and my business. It'll be tough but I'm diligent. I'm reaching out to anyone and everyone who I believe I can be of service to, so if you or anyone you know need assistance then I'll be around to help! Just get in touch! One way or another, let's connect. I'll be looking for likeminded people! 

Thanks for the reply Holly! 

Hey Adam! Welcome to the front range! I'm originally from the other side of the river (near Belleville, IL). I've been living in the Fort for about 10 years now and have absolutely loved it out here. I will say, it is A LOT different than St. Louis. We've experienced some crazy growth in the past few years and the city is still figuring out the best way to handle it! I'm a licensed agent and also run a fix-and-flip company, so if you've got any questions about the local market, feel free to PM me!

@Bob Vollmer Yeah I hear all the time about how much people love Colorado, whether they're native or from out of state. It's probably not the best business decision to be throwing myself into such a remarkably hot market but I can't stay in STL much longer. 

I'll absolutely have questions. And if you need any extra help flipping homes or Finding leads, I'd love to be an extra set of hands for you. Thanks for the reply and hopefully I'll see you around when I make my way out there! 

@Adam Rottweiler The market is definitely tough right now. There are deals, just not as many as there used to be and much more difficult to find. Got to be able to act extremely fast. I've actually started looking into the St. Louis area for some rentals because the numbers out here don't fit my model. 

Feel free to give me a shout once you're out here and we can grab a beer or something.


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