What are your favorite areas in Lakewood to find good deals?

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You're talking about the Green Mountain area? That's nice, older homes, established businesses, open space and not far from Bear Creek/Morrison/C470. East of there is Belmar, which has been up and coming for a while. There are good deals to be had North and East of Belmar too, but it's a bit riskier I think. I also like the Hampden/Wads/Kipling area to the South, where Lakewood borders Denver and Littleton. I own a unit in that area. 

@Sam Kabli , I'm a fan of Littleton. In fact, it's where I live. :) It looks like maybe you do as well?

It's a large area like Lakewood, so it really depends on where in Littleton you are looking to invest. Littleton covers everything from Roxborough Park (suburbs - SFRs), to old Downtown Littleton (trendy urban - MFRs/condos), to more working class neighborhoods with apartment buildings.

What type of property are you looking at for your first investment? These days it seems hard to go wrong anywhere in metro Denver if you can find a good deal.

@Garry yes I do also live in Littleton im a little late to seeing this post mention. I am looking into investing in a SFH for my first property and am attempting to do a house hack with a place with a basement. My range is to stay under 300k but like you said its hard to find good deals. I am currently getting alerts that are coming on MLS but havent got any solid leads just yet.

There are a few in my neighborhood, Roxborough. And I mean 'few'. But the market has slowed a bit, as it does at the end of summer. They are a bit above $300k, although I feel they are overpriced. You should be able to pick them up for a bit under that and then value add to get a bit above.

I know I'm coming to this thread late but curious if can recommend investment minded realtor that works Lakewood/ Wheat Ridge/ Arvada areas?  Thanks.