Lakewood/Littleton, CO Handyman for Front Door Jamb Repair

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Hi Everyone!

I posted this in the Real Estate Professionals - Contractors section and I thought I'd try re-posting in the Lakewood forum:

I’m looking for recommendations for a repairman/handyman in Lakewood/Littleton (Denver, Englewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, 80227, 80226, 80235, 80123, 80128, 80120, 80127). I’m planning on converting my condo, which is currently my primary residence, into a rental property in the next several months but I’d like to get my front door fixed.

Right now the door doesn’t have a good seal with the door jamb when closed. When the door is closed you can feel the cold air coming into the condo (which is really fun in winter in Colorado! lol). At night, when the door is closed if you’re standing outside the front door you can see through the cracks the lights from the living room. Also, it looks like the front door threshold is back about ½” from the outside door jamb (horizontal gap?) so that may be part of the issue. Does anyone know of or have a good repairman/handyman that they can recumbent to me who could fix this for me? Thanks in advance for the help!


I actually just came across one today using the app NextDoor. You simply add in your address and it shows which one of your neighbors are selling stuff/services. I'm using it to find renters and contractors :) 

@Matt Thielke so are you wanting a new door or someone to weather seal your existing door? I have found doors to be tricky. Usually replacement is the best option if a little weather stripping from from Home Depot doesn't do the trick. Replacement isn't cheap. For a rental, I'd probably just leave it in place with a little weather stripping because you would never get the money back.

@Bill S. Thanks for the response! I don't have a preference about fixing the door or buying a new one - I just want the issue fixed. What I don't want is to get a new door and once they install it have the same problem. In winter it's really noticeable, and if I was renting it I would contact the landlord to fix it so I'm trying to fix it now before a tenant moves in.

I've tried putting weather stripping in and it helps but it's still leaky. Last winger (Dec 2015-Mar 2016) when it was colder than this winter it was very noticeable. I'm not sure if part of the issue caused by my condo being on the ground floor and with the weather changes it causes the door jamb to move.

Let me know if you know anyone that could take a look at it and fix it. Thanks!

@Matt Thielke If you are up for doing it yourself, you can get a good pre-hung door from Home Depot for around $150-$200. The nice thing is that it's sealed all the way around and includes all the necessary weather strips. Installing it is quite simple and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube. Took me probably 2 hours, tops. This is what I did for an exterior door several years ago. It's held up just fine.

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