Real Estate Attorney in Denver that understands Wholesaling

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Does anyone have a recommendation for Real Estate Attorney who understand the different was to set up wholesale contracts? i.e. Assigns, LLC, Trusts, etc.

He he he, they all know,  but someone doesn't understand contracts and it's not the attorneys!

Yep, take that "assign contracts wholesaling" gig as a business to a good RE attorney, you'll be learning. :) 

@Pat Sanchez the standard form real estate contract on the real estate commission web site can be assigned and it can be used to purchase via an LLC, Trust or etc. You should really go to Greg's class. I would say that while he is friendly to wholesaling, he is not really a fan of wholesaling without complete disclosure to both parties. That is not really what most gurus are talking about when they teach wholesaling. You really need to learn the ins and outs on your own. Most attorney's don't want to wade in those waters as there are much more lucrative fish to fry with lots less risk than holding broke newbies' hands trying to put together their first real estate deal.

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