Bridgeport Cap Rates & Expense Assumptions

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BP folks - 

What are cap rates for multi in Bridgeport?  Looking for a range for turn-key and value-add properties.  

Also, what are some reasonable expense assumptions (per unit) for Gas, electric, water, sewer and insurance?  

Thanks in advance!


@Paul Bergagna cap rates are around 10% for small multifamilies in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Gas and electric are wildy variable depending on usage.  Water and sewer should be about $55 per unit per month.

Insurance depends on coverage, deductible and company.

Would I be wrong to say all that Paul is asking (insurance, water &sewer,  gas, electric) is variable? Some investors have a certain cap they want or look for. The property dictates that.  12% may be the only cap they accept. Understanding a person wants saves time anguish and reputations.