New fees and regulations proposed for Hartford housing

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The gist of it is that you would have to list a residential address for every member of an LLC owning multifamily housing, and pay a licensing fee for multifamilies of 3 or more units, and have regular property inspections for all multi-unit housing (as opposed to only Section 8 housing).

There have been several times when I have had to evict people for violent, criminal behavior,sometimes accompanied by mental illness.  I REALLY do NOT want tenants being able to easily find out where I live!  For me, if this law passes, it would be a deal breaker.  I would not own in Hartford if this law were to pass.

@Karen F. , just when you thought they'd exhausted all the ways to drive investment out of the city...

I'd be surprised if the LLC thing sticks. LLC is a state law and I don't think a municipality can add their own requirements. *NOT A LAWYER*

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