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Does anyone know of an affordable housing builder in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area? I got 8 lots through an REO that I am looking to flip, and have more coming.


Have you considered modular (NOT mobile/manufactured... true modular).  You can get a great product for  your price range.  PM me and I can send you my contact at one of the local builders.  ( used to be in the business... did multifamily, townhouse, multi-story... definitely not trailers!)

@Joseph Hamaoui Not directly I am a lender with new construction loans and was looking to get a short lists of builders and what they have to offer. Specifically I am missing a builder that would be looking to build under 240k as that is the starting point for most in my area.

Differences is dependant on your local building codes.

Modular are designed and built to be placed on a parameter block foundation, basement or crawl space, and are delivered on a flat bed truck, set with a crane. Mobile homes are built on a steel frame and set on piers. They are delivered on their own wheels which are removed after setting. 

The differences may have an effect on their classification in regards to qualifications for a mortgage and also on whether they are on a private lot or in a land lease community.

To add to @Thomas S. , here in Florida we also have Hud-ular.  This is a home build to modular standards (to meet neighborhood requirements) but on a manufactured home frame that stays in place.  For example, if you want to place a home in the air with parking below, it allows you to save money by not needing  full foundation walls vs piers.  

In Jacksonville, the guys over at Normandy Homes can give you examples of all 3.  I am not in the business (out for 6 years) and do not know anyone there, but I know they offered a large variety when I worked for one of the larger manufacturers in Florida.  I know a guy named John Kirkpatrick used to run it.

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