RE Agent Recommendations for Sale to Tenant?

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Long time lurker but headed back to Jacksonville after a long time away. I have a house that I am attempting to sell to a tenant as I want to move from SF into MF or even lending/note as I have capital ready.

I am looking for any recommendations for RE agents that are willing to work for a reduced fee for handling the sale and closing while I am deployed. I won't pay full commission since I have possibly found my buyer, but if it falls through then that will be discussed.

I will also be looking to purchase a house within the fall once I return and future investment opportunities.

Anybody have any good recommendations for RE agents that are willing to work with my situation? Appreciate it

Good Morning @Jared Matson . I would love to assist you and the buyer. I am sending you a message now to obtain a little bit more information on the sales/purchase of your property. We can then discuss type of home you are looking to buy within fall! :) 

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