Roofing and contractors bids

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Hi everyone,

My team and I picked up a Tax Deed property (I published details in Jaxville Tax Deed Property pics); we're looking to start getting bids on the roof as well as work on the inside.  Does anyone have roof/general contractors in Jacksonville (South Riverside/Pine Forest area)?  This is our first out of state investment/flip and we're looking around!



Yes, we have worked with all of these companies.    Two of the companies Rogero and Cole are Affiliate members of NARPM, National Association of Residental Property Managers.  These companies were instrumental in helping us inspect all of our managed units after all of our issues with hurricanes last year.    

Dennis @ Perkins Express Roofing. Have used them for my own home and several rental properties. Great service and even better pricing. Feel free to send me a message and I can give you his direct line.

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