State Auctioning Off 5 Bedroom House In Jacksonville's Riverside

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From a post online at WJCT - In a very good neighborhood. 

A stately house with a complicated history is being auctioned off in Jacksonville’s Riverside neighborhood.

The property, which was last owned by the state Department of Corrections, could be yours for the right price.

Duval County property records show the five bedroom, two-and-a-half bath brick home was built as a rooming house in 1927. After switching hands a few times over the years, the house at 2830 Park Street was purchased by the Florida Cabinet using what’s called the Internal Improvement Trust Fund.

In 1982 the state Department of Corrections took control of the house and used it for what’s called a Women’s Adjustment Center — a sort of halfway house for female inmates with short sentences.

Now, a Department of Environmental Protection spokesman said his agency is in charge of selling it off, along with other excess state properties.

“Generally, these types of properties are acquired by the state through purchase or donation,” Jacksonville DEP spokesman Russell Simpson said. “The DEP serves as the administrative agent to the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund (Governor and Cabinet) which simply translates as the managing agent for state owned properties.”

Simpson said the state is accepting bids online on the almost 7,000 square foot lot and the house, until September 12th. Bidding started at $179,000. The property was appraised for more than $200,000.

I added a link to the story as well as a link to the State's excess property page. Good luck!


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