Do you see redevelopment happening in Jacksonville?

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Especially more in the North Jacksonville area, do you see areas that will get redeveloped? I know Jacksonville is a massive area but there are a lot of areas that are just totally torn... Curious as to what you have heard/ what you think is in it for the future in some of these areas.

@Austin M Margarida The City Leaders/Mayor have made Downtown their priority, so they are slow to offer funds for other parts of town. Downtown needs a lot of help and it may be a waste, like other downtowns, but for now, that is their focus.

Look for places with great commercial supported by local residents. Some that come to mind are Springfield, Atlantic Beach, Murray Hill, Riverside, San Marco and Avondale. You can go to Town Center too, but that is really the new downtown of Jacksonville. 

@Austin M Margarida I'd read the Jacksonville Business Journal online or look at the City website for more details on grants. I've not heard of any. Downtown is the major push right now, everything else around town is being fixed or repaired at a snail's pace. 

Hi @Austin M Margarida !

By "redeveloped" are you meaning areas where property values will raise faster/higher than average, or are you interested in what's going on around town with new development?

Personally, I don't have a crystal ball, but my money is (literally) on the historic neighborhoods in town like @Jack Bobeck has suggested. As for the future - hard to say. I'd love to discover the next Murray Hill but I don't have enough money that I can afford to invest with much risk with regard to location.

Reading the Jax Daily Record is the best resource to keeping informed about what's doing on around town with new development. They have a "real estate" section and regularly publish info about large permits being pulled and deals going down. The Jacksonville Business Journal is another good resource but you have to subscribe to read most of their content - although that's not a bad idea if you're looking for an area to invest in.

Hi All,

Have any of you worked with JWB Capital in Jacksonville? They are a turnkey real estate company. What do you think about them? Are their properties in good areas which will appreciate?