1st deal inspector recommendations!

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Hey all,

I have been looking to purchase my first house hack for some time now and feel that I am close to getting one of my offers accepted. It dawned on me that I do not have any recommendations for an inspector in the Miami area that is experienced working with investors and would have my best interests in mind. I was wondering if anyone knew any quality inspectors I could get in contact with! 

Thanks in advance!

Allied is very detailed. TrueView includes videos in their reports. Have several other recommendations (message if interested in a full vendors list of companies / individuals my buyer clients, including many investors! enjoyed working with).

I would second Allied. Very loyal and communicative. Detailed inspection reports with photos, estimates and recommendations. They tend to overestimate on some repairs but I actually prefer that in an inspection. I actually just went through DD on my first deal (difficult owner, I chose to cancel) so let me know if you have any other questions. 

Hi, a inspector looks for deficiencies observed, regardless you are buying for investments or personal use, the inspection should be the same. We do our best to discover hidden surprises that might no be visible but sometimes you just can open a wall to take a look inside. It might be different if they just do a quick walk trough, I did't think about that and will be interesting to structure. 

Most home inspectors in FL are pretty good since the are required to have a license, look an Nashi.org or ASHI this are the biggest association in the nation for home inspectors also check out FABI it is the Florida Inspector Association. What part of Miami are you buying? I am in Ft Lauderdale area.