Want to meet up in Miami?

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I’m a new investor and will be coming to Miami to look at some properties (will be moving there in the next couple months) on Dec 18-20

Would anyone be interested in getting together to network? Maybe I can set up an event if there is interest?

I would love to meet and network with any investors, investor focused real estate agents and property managers.

Hello all!

I have a location we can do a meet-up in Downtown Miami on Friday December 18 around 5pm. 

If you can make it please let me know. Thanks!

Looks like we won’t be having this meet up tomorrow after all.

I definitely look forward to meeting up with some of you next time

Hi all!

I will be relocating to Miami for the month of March (airbnbing at first) with plans to house hack afterwards and would love to connect and collaborate with you all as well :)