Need a good and nice Real Estate attorney

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Hello folks,

I am working with a seller in what it could be my first Sub2 deal. I am looking for a good & nice RE attorney in the Miami area that makes newbies feel comfortable.

Thanks and Happy Investing!

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I work with #Bob Arnold, he is used to serve the army and now he is a Harvard graduated attorney with offices in Brickell. His firm is TheVictoriaLawgroup and his speciality is real estate law.

I just saw your reply, I actually know another one, Prince in Cooper city, this is a nice guy, the nicer attorney u will met and most knowledge too. In the meantime if you need an agent to send you some investing homes weekly I do that,

A professor of mine that is very knowledgeable and teaches Real Estate Law at FIU. I have never used her personally, but she is used to teaching people about Law. So maybe she would be a good fit. Her name is Suzanne Hollander.

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