Need Help With An Out of Market Deal, BPO Partner With Us

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We have a deal in the works in Homestead in a rural area that we need help getting a general price. We don't have a local partner and always prefer to do deals with a local team member.  If you do a lot of real estate in Homestead with experience in more rural areas with less comps please hit me up. Right now just need a BPO on a property. If the deal works out you can take the listing on the sell side. 

We are expanding our lead gen in the Florida area and would love to buy where we feel like we have a strong local to partner with. 

Hey David! Send me the address and I'll do a BPO!

thank Jean, I'm looking for someone actively locally in that market. 

@David Wolf im in miami, fl if you need partner/help feel free to contact me anytime

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