Recently Moved to Hollywood, FL

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Hello BP!

I recently moved last week to the Hollywood area and am currently staying in Ft. Lauderdale until we close on our property by Sep. 7th in Hollywood. I have been waiting to move down here to start investing and get my first fix and flip under my belt as I am originally from NJ. 

I would love to hear some investors inputs on any solid areas to invest in within 30 minutes from Hollywood (anywhere from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami) as well as network and meet investors in this area! I would love to learn from and/or help a successful investor in the area!

I am also looking for an investor based real estate agent that knows these areas and has experience helping investors or has invested themselves. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.


Looking forward to hearing from everyone! 

-Justin H


Great, I hope the best for you, please let me know if we can help you, we are a small company that find deals for other investors and if they are looking we manage their rentals,  please fell free to contact me later this week, 

Welcome to South Florida @Justin Hernandez ! I'm originally from NJ as well. If you aren't too busy with your move, you might want to check out the next BREIA ( meeting - it's one week from today. Lots of great networking. I'll be there myself. Hope to run into you at an event real soon! Best of luck!

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