Where To Get Good Building Supplies For Rehabs

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Hi Guy/Girls

Hope everyone is well. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a good source In South Florida where to find building supplies, like sheetrock, tile, laminate, etc ? Mainly for rehabs. Looking for better prices than Home Depot, Lowes, etc

@Fred Pineda

Try building relationship with contractors and construction companies that have show rooms.  Often times they have relationships with distributors and are offered discounted/ discontinued lines of products and such.  Also if they have access inventory they need to liquidate it for new stock.  This may not be the norm but there are a few contractors in my area that have show rooms and they have been giving me carpet, cabinets, flooring, etc for literally 60% off.  

Make sure you are treating them right though and sending them tons of business and even using them on your projects from time to time.  

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