New investor in Miami, needs legal and tax advisers

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Hi everyone!

I am starting as an RE investor in Miami, FL and vicinity.

Mainly buy, rehab, sell, with some buy for rent in a future.

I am an urban planner from Venezuela and have a business master degree. I do some construction in my country, so I think I have at least the knowledge (and a lot of passion) to succeed in this business here in the US.

As part of my plan I need to build my team of advisers to work with. 

If you happen to know an attorney with RE experience in this city, I'd appreciate the referral, because I have many questions that need clarification.

And I would like to meet with a tax advisor in order to choose the best road to me as an foreign investor.

I think I am a good deal analyzer and know how to study the "urban dynamics" to help me find them.

I already have a property in Miami that is rented.

Thanks in advance to all of you that can give me a hand with this, and my bows for you that are experienced investors, contractors, landlords and advisers in this difficult activity.


Alejandro Riera

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Hi again!

I just came from my meeting with the CPA and attorney.

The both have plenty of experience in real estate, and also have worked with foreign RE investors, as myself.

We had a very useful meeting, and I clarified many concepts.

I am confident in their expertise and soon we will be doing business.

That's all for now. Bye!

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