Relocated to S.F. - Looking for Power Team Recommendations

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Hey BP! I recently relocated from NE Florida down to Miami Beach and I am looking for recommendations to build my new "Power Team" in the Miami area. The roles I am looking for are:

  • "Investor-friendly" realtors/brokers - preferably whom are investors themselves
  • "Investor-friendly" title companies - that are familiar with assignments and double closings
  • Real estate attorney(s) - preferably whom are investors themselves
  • Home inspectors
  • CPA (specializing or super knowledgeable in REI) - preferably whom are investors themselves
  • Property Managers - specializing in small MF (2-4 units); small apartments (5-30 units) and commercial
  • "Investor-friendly" Mortgage Brokers - ones with lots of creative lending products and good connections to private lending; preferably whom are investors themselves
  • Insurance Agents (same prefs as property managers)

Feel free to post your recommendations in here or private message me with any you may have. Thanks in advance and feel free to connect with me if you are in the South Florida/Miami area!

Hey Marty I am part of a group starting here in SEFL as well. Lets connect We are reaching out also to get some options.

@Marty True please post what you find. I have a team but not in love I want to get it revamped.

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I'll be packing up my biz in Tampa Bay this Feb and heading down to Palm Beach County. I don't know how far south of PBC my reach will be, but if your biz takes your north of Dade, let me know.

Hey @Chris Garcia thanks for your reply! I'd definitely like to connect with you and possibly chat to see what kind of opportunities there might be.

Hi @Jeff Morelock I am actively looking at deals all over South Florida, including PBC so definitely reach out when you get down South!

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