Looking for real estate expert in Miami Brickell Area

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Hi John - what building? Brickell is a great long-term price appreciation play. Short-term, both for appreciation and cash-flow, you're a little late to the game. Rents appeared to have topped out and we're seeing slight dips now as inventory is starting to flood the market (approx. 7k units under construction / 14k additional proposed).

Hi! @Alex Riera numbers are correct. There are a lot of properties entering into the market in the next few months and I see a decline in rental prices. Saying that, the money is made when you buy not when you sell so if this is a great deal go for it! If you need help you can reach me by direct. Good luck!

@John Martin

Brickell is certainly a Buyer's Market meaning that you have greater bargaining power than in years past (over 24 months of inventory). Be sure to use this to your advantage and negotiate best price possible. I would not only look at recent sales in the building, but I recommend presenting a market overview to the Listing agent/ Seller so they understand that prices may trend down with all this new inventory entering the market. I did this for a customer buying a condo in Key Biscayne and we were able to get best price per SF for Waterfront views in the entire complex in past 3 years. Knowing your numbers helps a lot! Feel free to contact me to chat. -Alex