Looking for Miami or South FL Multi-Family Realtor or Broker

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Hi guys! This is my first post on BP, really excited to join and meet many of you.

I'm starting to look for multi-family rental properties in Miami-Dade and would like to build a relationship with a serious local Broker or Realtor with expertise in these type of properties - hopefully someone with previous experience and deep knowledge of the market. I've met and have been talking to different realtors (family friends, etc) but haven't really found one with expertise in these type of properties. If there's anyone you'd like to suggest, please let me know or PM me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Not sure if working with a wholesaler could be a smart option, but open to that as well. 

Financing tip: For those of you thinking about investing locally in income producing properties and working with a local bank/lender, I've done a good amount of research (talked to over 30 local and national institutions over the phone and in person) and from my "research", Grove BankCapital BankIntercontinental BankApollo Bank, City National Bank and Biscayne Bank seem to be really good options - all of these are portfolio lenders (not backed by the gov't), provide a variety of options depending on your needs & goals, respond quickly, are willing to negotiate, and allow you to buy under an LLC in most cases. Just call and ask to speak with a loan officer.



We are glad you're here @Alejandro Duque ! I am glad that you understand the importance of sifting through brokers to find ones that actually know the investing side of the industry. I am working on building out a network of investor friendly agents in the U.S. but unfortunately I do not have any in Miami at the moment. I will definitely be following this feed and hopefully you do get a couple referrals! 

Hello. You could try Victoria Cooney at http://www.home4myboat.com

That website says she specializes in waterfront properties but she does it all. Very investor friendly.

Good luck.

Thanks for the note, @Jacob Wathen and that's a great idea, definitely something I couldn't easily find. Feel free to reach out to them directly and if you need the specific names of the loan officers I've talked to, just let me know!

@Alejandro Duque Thank you for the lender contacts! Always helps to have more than a handful. Hope your property search is going well. I am happy advice on any questions and or suggestions. Cheers!

Hey!  I'm that person Alejandro :-)

I have been specializing in Multi-families for years now and help investors buy & sell all over Florida. I also just listed a 4-plex in Miami Beach this weekend!

Let me know if you'd like to connect. I just sent you a PM...