I am new South Florida wholesaler looking for advice

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I am new to real estate and I'm starting with wholesaling in South Florida. My partner and I have $1500 to start. How do we maximize that money? or should we wait until we have more?

You can do a TON with Craigslist and also, getting out and talk to people. I would be hitting up every real estate meeting I could if I was you! Shake hands. Exchange biz cards. Let EVERYONE know what you're doing. And definitely, check out the free info on BP for wholesalers!!! Best of luck to you! 

@Roderick E. You're so welcome! Ditto what @Brian Garrett said as well! 

I've only been to one meetup and have attended several now. It is the BP meetup once a month in Delray Beach. Fantastic group and it's usually posted in Events on this site. Very informative and great group of people. You'll learn something every month. I'm sure there are more as well! Just search the events section of the site. Keep us posted about your progress. 

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