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Hello, I am new in my journey through real estate. I have lived in Miami my whole life. I work as a traveling healthcare professional in the Miami area for the last 7 years. I joined BP as a way to kick my goal of financial independence into high gear. A goal I started when I first started my job in healthcare. I have in the last two weeks been driving for dollars/bird dogging in order to provide possible leads in my quest to improve my analyzation. I have a list of 13 possible leads for deals that include a duplex, a triplex, and single family homes. I dont know how to provide them in an easily accessible manner but would like to provide those interested in this list. I attached a list of the possible leads. Ultimately I would like to be invovled to learn more about flipping and the whole process by providing these lists I will continue to make, maybe even a finders fee If a deal does pull through. But for now process/information is important to me. I am very motivated and have the time available to drive for dollars. 

I know that with the vast knowledge and expertise of the members in BP I can achieve success in my endeavors. And I hope through my invlovement in BP forums I can reciprocate the kindness of BP members.

Hey Danielle. I’m also a traveling healthcare provider lookin to do the same as you in the Carolinas. Would love to connect further one day.

@Daniel Castellanos

Good hustle, you are on the right track, get with a wholesaler and work with him and watch him convert your leads, see if there is a nugget in that list of yours. Once you see the steps to get a deal under contract you will be able to assign to a more experienced rehabber. Not sure of your deals on your list, keep your leads to yourself, my suggestion. I started with a mentor when I broke into real estate, best way to go.

@Sean Eads Great to see another healthcare professional looking to do the same.

@ Steve Haight Thank you for your input on getting with a wholesaler, it is a great idea I didnt think to do. I'll see if there are any wholesalers that would like to work with me about some of the leads I see.

Hi Daniel, keep at it.  I'm in the same boat and in the same area as you.  Best advice or tip I i can give you is come to some of the meetups.  There's one in Ft. Lauderdale that meets at a Denny's every Thursday and another that is farther north in Deerfield Beach.  Message me and I'll give you the address and times.

Lots of people meet their from lenders to seasoned investors and lawyers.

My suggestion is if there is a question on C/D class go with the C.  Leave off the D.  Let the buyer do his own due diligence.

Is there that much fees to go around peddling  low income stuff?

Originally posted by @Daniel Castellanos :

@Sean Eads Great to see another healthcare professional looking to do the same.

@ Steve Haight Thank you for your input on getting with a wholesaler, it is a great idea I didnt think to do. I'll see if there are any wholesalers that would like to work with me about some of the leads I see.

 Very nice of you to put that up for people. But definitely get 2-3 flippers to work with and then send them these deals. Not sure you'll get much, maybe a few hundred bucks at most in 20-30 days. (might be better off U'bering ;-) )

#3 on your list just expired off the market, its a total teardown. #6 is currently listed on the market in the low $200s with a realtor. 

Hi Daniel, I recently started a Wholesaling business in miami and I am looking for deals. Maybe we could meet up and work on some deals together. Send me a message and we can go have a coffee and discuss how we can help each other.


These leads are very interesting to me. I would love to have a coffee and learn more about your leads. Send  me a message so we can get together.


@Daniel Castellanos @Jason Wyatt @Rus Davis hey Daniel your list is my exact farm area to a tee. If you’ve got deals you’re trying to unload I’m a cash buyer. I don’t wholesale I’m purely in rehabbing and renting. I’ll definitely flip you a finders fee or wholesalers fee if you’re out there doing the leg work that it looks like you’re clearly trying to do. I know the markets of liberty city, Brownsville, allapattah and el portal intimately so I’m always out there hunting too. If you’re finding deals I’m definitely paying. Best of luck to you

@Jason Brown You and I are operating in the same area. Let’s have a coffee and see how we can help each other.

@Racheli Vidal hey Rachel yes lets link up. I’ll DM you to see if we can get together and what our schedules look like.

Hi Daniel ! I also live in Miami and travel for work.

I recently got into investing as well!!! I'm starting off by wholesaling.

We can help each other learn the process!

I made a list of leads, I made it for 3 different zip codes in Miami as these are the areas I want to farm in.

I'm working on list for Miami Gardens, Miami lakes, North Miami, N Miami Beach, Miami Shores, El Portal. 

The areas have a lot of potential, I've checked schools nearby, crime rates.. etc.  

I want to start with Miami, then Broward and the Keys!

The list I made includes pre foreclosures with and without Equity, probates and non owner occupied.

Maybe we can work together to market to the homeowners!

I have scripts, templates and stuff ready to go to send out (thats the process I'm working on now), ideas through social media (Instagram and Facebook, even Snapchat).  Let me know what you think :)     

What have you done with those leads so far? Have you spoken to the owners? 

@Sean Eads @Steve Haight You should check out Joe McCalls mind map, its very informative also check out the Deal Machine app (not sure if it's helpful to android people) its a great resource it allows you to search the names of property owners (for many but not all properties) and their contact info, you can even load direct mail templates and begin your prospecting the moment you find a property that interests you

@Ronald Pierre thanks for the heads up. im interested as well. i'll send you my info as well.

@Daniel Castellanos @Sarah Torres Daniel Thank you for the list, I think your best move would be to find or network with fix & Flip or Rehabber investors.

Both you and Sarah have the right attitude to have in this business, keep it up. 

Talk soon, 


@Daniel Castellanos  I sent you a friend request lets connect one time. I see no one has taken the liberty on posting any results on these leads. I'll find out what I can from them and send you the results and post them here as well. If you find anything alike soon definitely send them my way, should any of them amount to anything I'll be sure to let you know about first!

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