Zoning guide Miami dade county? What tools to use?

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Any zoning experts here?

How exactly do you determine what your land is zoned for besides looking at the property tax-records and reviewing the city sites for each general zone?

Is there any online tool that provides a much more detailed view of what your zoning/land use means in Miami-dade county?
I spoke to a few lawyers and their recommendation was to get a zoning verification letter (which is around $240 with the city - takes about 20 days).

I usually use this site(link), and look for the address, and double check with the property appraiser website for the county. 

Besides that and the letter, I don't know of another way, then again I'm not a zoning expert.

If you're looking for more information about the zoning codes, I would start here - that site has explanations of the zoning codes with drawings. 

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