Looking for a good real estate attorney in South Florida

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Hi all,

We are actively looking at commercial and multifamily deals in south florida. I currently have an offer out on a retail strip and I want to line up a good lawyer who works in the South Florida market.

If anyone has any leads or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ezra, congratulations on your purchase offer. If you still need a recommendation on title attorney, I recommend to you Victoria DeArmas of Fitzgerald & Isaacson LLP, www.filawers.com in Coral Gables, FL. Good luck on your new acquisition.

My ex was a "dirt" attorney so I know a good one when I see & work with them. Hands down, best experience (always on top of everything; pleasant; concise & wise) with:

Yelen & Yelen, P.A.
1104 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
Coral Gables, Florida 33134


Tell them Maggie Sadowska sent you - they love me :) = always take great care of my people.

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