10x Conference Meetup

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Hey there FL Investors, 

I just booked tickets for Grant Cardone's 10x Conference, and figure there may be a group of people on BP that are also heading that way. I know I'm coming with my mastermind group, and have at least 5 people coming down from NJ. 

It would be awesome if we could schedule a BP meetup one evening after the conference - I don't know the area and am happy to help out, but would need someone local to help find a place and coordinate the details. 

So, if you are coming from out of town and would be interested in meeting up one evening, please reply here.

And if you are a local to Miami and want to help coordinate this, please let me know!

Hey @Justin Fraser

Love the idea! I myself am also going to 10X. I help host the BP monthly meetup here in Miami, I will reach out to members this month and find out who is going so perhaps we can organize something. Feel free to connect so we stay in contact till then 

Happy Investing!

I am a local from Miami. Will be attending as well, but not sure I have the time/resources to coordinate anything. Would love to connect with anyone from BP at the event though. Any interested parties please PM. 

@Justin Fraser looks like I wasn't the only one thinking this. I'll be down there this weekend as well - see my post from yesterday, I was considering putting a meetup together but will be short on time with all the shenanigans going on this weekend. I was hoping maybe we could all take advantage of the Day 2 - 10X Networking Party  on the outfield...maybe comment on here or on my post on where we will be on the field and create a mini BP huddle? Thoughts? In case I don't make what you guys might organize this next busy weekend it would be atleast a pleasure to meet y'all at the networking event @Gabe Amedee :)