Wholesale Coach in Miami

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Hello Everyone,

New member here. My wife and I and are jumping into REI, and we wanted to focus on Wholesaling for our Active income stream. We wanted to know if there is any coach/mentor here in Miami that would be willing to show us the ropes to get started.

We have seen companies that offer $5000 to $50000 courses and coaching (Brain always recommends not to do this), but as we have been diving deeper into BiggerPockets community we have seen people that have this knowledge and are local. We would like to work with them. 

Any and all suggestions are welcome

@Sebastian Najera hey Sebastian. Yes. We were able to do one deal with some people we met in bigger pockets. This community is great.

Since then my wife got her license and has joined a real estate team (some who are here on BP) and she has been networking and making deals.

We set out to our change strategy Q4 of last year and this year to focus on getting our first house hack since real estate down here in miami is so expensive. We just got it last month.

We are looking to jump back into wholesaling to BRRR another project second half of this year.

If you would like to meet up and chat about what we did please reach out via DM. We would love to chat and network. Hopefully after this quarantine is over we can meet for a cup of coffee.

@Adrian Alvarez yes for sure, I would love that! I have a couple of investors that might help me get started if I decide to start of by flipping, but honestly I want to learn a little bit more of the market just to have realistic numbers and find good deals you know? You have a Latin name, do you happen to speak Spanish? I am from Mexico City

@Sebastian Najera yes. Spanish is our first language. We would be happy to chat with you and share some insights and hopefully we can share ideas.

The more people I meet from here the more I learn. Every meeting has lead to something that I learned that I didn’t think out or know before.

Send me a request then. And we can chat. My wife has a bit more knowledge than I do now since she does this full time. But I run our BP account. Feel free to reach out. Like I said. We love to network.

I would be weary of gurus that charge fees for a seminar like that. You have so many local investors and forums on here that you can learn from for free. Exhaust these options first before dropping some cash like that which can better be used for a down payment.