St. Petersburg, FL short-term rental

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Hi there,

I’m currently under contract on a single-family house in St Pete which I’m planning on using as short-term rental.

Anyone here could share their experience in St Pete as it relates to state / county / city permits? I've heard that St Pete is not super friendly to STR, but unless there are major complaints from the neighbors, it looks like nobody is going to try to try to shut it down. That said, anyone had experience with obtaining FL state permit for STR as advised by Airbnb as well as county / city permits?

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The City of St Petersburg only allows 30-day minimum rentals, a maximum of of three times per year. 

That being said, there are 24 different municipalities in Pinellas County, so it depends whether the property is located inside the city limits.

Here is a great resource breaking down the short-term rental laws for the different municipalities in Pinellas County:

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St Pete proper is 30 day rental minimum, but there are some unincorporated areas that say St Pete that can work, depending on your area.

There are people that break the law and just wait to be caught, but I can't recommend that!

Have you vetted the area for occupancy rates and ADR yet?

@Natalia Vysh I hate to say it but that thought is incorrect. In addition to complaints from neighbours, the city also investigates properties that aren't abiding by their STR laws. Really it's quite easy for them to figure out. If you're in St Pete, you can still do STR but with a 30 day minimum. If you try to do less, be prepared for potential fines from the city. If you happen to be in an unincorporated area, you may be able to do daily rentals and stick with your plan. Hopefully if you can't/don't do STR, your numbers still make sense as a LTR. If not, you may need to rethink this purchase. It's too bad you didn't have all the information before going ahead with this deal…if I can be of any more help, let me know. Best of luck!