Seeking Hernando Country Investors of all kinds.

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Hello all,

Glad this new sub-forum thing is here. I'm a new investor in the Brooksville area and looking to connect with local investors (hoping there are some on BP here). 

Looking primarily for distressed properties, wholesale deals and flipping opportunities. 

I can be reached at 352-353-8115

Thank you, 



I don't work in Florida but I have a partner who work in florida. I can connect you with her. if you are interested email me at [email protected]


I live in Spring Hill, Florida and am new to BP.  I'm looking for investors myself.  I do have my real estate license and can help search for properties.  My husband is a GC so he can do rehab work.   We would like to flip some houses.  I have not started investing yet, since I still have a lot of reading to do.  We have minimal cash flow at this time.  Please let me know if interested in talking.

Welcome @Jonathan Gould to FL!  There is plenty of topics and information floating around.  Hope all is well as you look for properties.  Are you looking to buy and hold or fix and flip?

Hey Edwin,

Wholesale & rehab to learn the ropes and eventually rehab & hold or seller finance for passive income. I'm working on my lead generation and have a few people in place but can always use more contacts in my area (Spring Hill- Brooksville). There's tons of opportunity for all so just looking to connect with genuine people and put in the years to see this through. 

Hi @Jonathan Gould I am an active investor in Hernando County, welcome :) Feel free to contact me, good luck!

Hi Amanda,

I live in New York, but I have lots of family down in Spring Hill. I spend a lot of time down there, and have invested in a few single family homes there over the years. I have noticed the economy seems to have picked up a bit. Like most of Florida, it got hit pretty badly in 2008 and is still not all the way back. Hernando County can also be very difficult to deal with re business development issues. Good luck. I look forward to reading about your progress.

Sorry Jonathan! I was trying to reply to the original poster, but I messed up. Anyway, hello to everyone.

Sounds good.

I've had some great luck lately, selling off a bunch of stuff and making room for focusing on REI. Saving everything i can and paying off all my debts, looking for my first deal, it'd be nice to house hack or do a live in flip, but a starter duplex or triplex would be cake! Should have everything together in the next few months.

Has anyone else had luck finding multi unit deals in the Hernando County area? I'd love to hear your stories, learn from you, and if you're in Brooksville i'll buy you coffee! 

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