Tampa Discount Supplies

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appliances I go to famous Tate on Armenia they have an excellent scratch and dent section and I also shop sears outlet a lot though I usually end up at the St. Pete store as its the main hub and has larger selection.  As for supplies, generally home depot or Lowes but for bathroom vanities there is a great place in Clearwater called 50% warehouse with some good deals.  Also Habitat for Humanity restore on Hillsborough sometimes has excellent stuff.  I just scored aa brand new double wall oven for $500 that normally retails for $2000

There's also a place just called "The Warehouse" in Pinellas Park, and they recently opened a new location in Tampa on Hillsborough near the airport:



They are excellent for bathroom vanities and fixtures - just be sure whatever you buy has all the parts and correct pieces included. They sell Home Depot returns - so often there's a resason the stuff was returned, but you can definitely find some good deals.