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Unless you have good connections with REO agents, you're going to have a tough time getting decent multifamily deals on the MLS, especially at wholesale price. Everything is going way over asking price right now and you'll be competing with 20+ other offers.

Not to say it can't be done, but your best bet is to learn how to market and find off-market deals.  Best of luck!

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Rents are really raising quickly and distressed multi family is very hard to find.  Unless you find some with a lot of differed maintenance in a bad neighborhood.  That kind of deal is not for a novice investor and most experienced ones will stay away from those deals too.

Hi @Aryelle Collins . Unfortunately the days of just pulling deals on the MLS are almost gone.

In order for that to happen you will really need to connect with the right realtors.  This is another aspect of real estate that is pretty hard to break into.

Bottom line every investor wants to connect with realtors that can get great deals for them.  Unless you are very well funded this whole process will be pretty hard, especially if you are looking to do this on a consistent bases.

In todays environment, you really need to figure out how to go directly to the owners of dears.  There are also decisions to be made in this arena also.

You can use things like:



door knocking

rei clubs networking

BUT, if you have some money to spend nothing beats direct mail.