Seeking advice on Tampa/St Pete area. Where is real estate hot?

2 Replies | Tampa, Florida

I will be moving to the Tampa/St. Pete area in 2 months and am going to be starting up as a real estate agent. I would truly appreciate any insight on what areas are good to live in for people in their late 20s -early 40s. I will be living in an apt for 1 year while I learn the area. Any advice on what areas are busy for real estate that is in the 150K-500K area would be great. I would love to live somewhere with a lot of outdoor activities nearby.

@Lauren Bencini 150k-500k range is is huge. Are you looking to sell in that range when you become an agent? If so once you have access to the MLS you will be able to look all that stuff up. Good luck with your move, and investing goals. Feel free to reach out if you need anything.