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Hi All,

I need to close out some expired permits.  I bought the property knowing it had expired permits so I worked a deal with the previous homeowner.  The work is already done and passed all but the last inspection was not called for.  I keep my properties in an entity name for asset protection.  Now I face the problem of not being able to pull my own permit for the home I live in.  Does anyone know if I can quick claim it to a trust and be able to pull my own permit?  I plan on calling the city in the morning but I am going to lose sleep until I get the answer.

it's not "quick claim", it's quitclaim.

if you do that, it will trigger a property transfer with the city and you will pay higher taxes. do NOT ask how i know that.

hire someone just to pull a permit, trust me, it's worth it.


The land trust won't solve your issue, it still won't be in an individual name.  To "close the prior permit" you shouldn't have to pull a "new permit". I've went down and talked to them, on a flip property I bought in an entity, and they simply had me pay a fee to reopen the permit, come out, inspect, and close it out.  Same situation, a carport permit that wasn't closed out.  Your attitude will go a long way.

Yes "quit claim!" That's what I meant!  I'm not worried about Homestead.  The property appraiser confirmed today that it's okay with certain kinds of trusts to have the property deeded to; not llcs or other types of entities.. Thx!!!

Perhaps you purchased the entity with the property deeded to it already? With the permit expiring and new ownership, I have to pay a fee and file for an extension.  They said the the fact that it is deeded to an llc, they treat it as a business and I need to get a GC even with me being an owner occupant. I wonder if they view property deeded in a family trust as a business too.  I viewed some permits opened on the city website for property in a trust.  Or is it possible contractors work under the name of a trust? Thx for your feedback!

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