Title company & Management comapny

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I am looking for recommendations on relaible Title comapnies and Management Companies that provide services in Tampa area and are having a lot of experience with foreign investors.


Here is a recommendation without needing to send private messages for referrals.

Use Gulfside Title Services. Suann, one of the closers, over there is fantastic. From subject-to's, seller financed deals, assignments, to regular retail sales, they are the best. Most knowledgeable and professional title company I've seen.

Address: 7763 Starkey Rd, Seminole, FL 33777

I personally don't like any management companies around here. I feel they are not incentivized properly to look out for the long term success of your investment. They get paid fees whether or not they select a good tenant who takes care of the house and pays on time. Also, it does not hurt them when they schedule overpriced or unprofessional maintenance and repairs.

I manage my own properties easily by putting great people into great and fairly priced houses. For the ones I do not manage, I have equity partners that manage them and look out for both our interests properly.

If you decide to use a manager however, you should at least consider the possibility of using a real local investor (not a fee property manager Realtor) to master lease your houses from you. You will be able to structure an agreement and relationship with more control, custom tailor your agreement to fit each situation best, and it will limit your vicarious liability.

Good luck.