Tampa, Recommended Cabinet and Granite countertop suppliers

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I am looking to find cabinet and granite countertop suppliers who are investor-friendly. I would like someone I can work with in renovating my client's houses to get them ready to sell. Any recommendations here in Tampa, FL?

I like International Cabinet and Stone on 56th St.

Originally posted by @Nick C. :

I like International Cabinet and Stone on 56th St.

 I'll  give them a look however at first glance their reviews don't look so stellar. 

Agreed about International Cabinet and Stone on 56th St. Great service and low prices. Ask for Ron and tell him Greg sent you. Shoot me an email and I can get you an estimate. 

What about cabinet refacing? Any good companies for that? Is cabinet refacing worth it as well? 

What price point are you looking at for these houses? I always use Lowes white shaker style cabinets that are always in stock. I get 20% anytime on those from the Pro desk, and use them in even my houses with $200k-300k ARV. Once I pair those with a nice quartz from Floor and Decor or Lowes or Home Depot, the kitchen always pops and is the best part of the house.

If I listed it just know I would say value would be $190k-$200k, ARV I would estimate would be about $240k. Just has these nasty old tacky cabinets, countertop, and bathroom vanity that really just brings the whole appeal down.

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