Need Lender and Property Management in Brandon (Tampa)

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Hi, I am an investor in California and looking for help for my sister. Her husband recently left her and her two young kids. The only positive thing coming out of this situation is that she retained a property in Tampa, FL that has the potential to help her make ends meet. We would like to start by finding a better property management company than what she has now. Anyone have any recommendations of a solid manager in the area? Second, she is going to need a local lender (she is located in California as well). Please let me know if you have any good contacts for either. It would be a great way to pay forward some wisdom and kindness to a single mom who is new to investment. 


I manage my own properties and master lease some of my friends' properties. Fee property managers in the Tampa Bay area are typically pretty bad from what I see day in and day out. Depending on the house, I may be interested in helping get it rented properly.

As far as lenders, perhaps just call a mortgage broker. Unless she would not qualify for anything. In that case, I can refer some private lenders, privately outside of this forum (Not hard money lenders, but people with their own money).

Good luck.

I am happy to help. What is the purpose for the lender? Buying more properties? Re-fi?

Good morning Danielle - if you are looking for a traditional lender I would recommend reaching out to Team Takieddine with American Eagle Mortgage. Ryan Takieddine and his team are very helpful and offer a ride range of mortgage products, refis, etc. BP won't let me post his number here but you can find his contact with a google search or PM me and I'll give it to you. If you are looking for private lending I would touch base with @Jason Brown . He has great contacts in that realm. Good luck! 

Hi Danielle, I would contact Eaton Realty, they are located just south of Brandon and offer full service property management. I've worked with Daniel Rothrock before and he is tip-top. They have a great team there and are true professionals. If you'd like their contact info feel free to PM me. Best wishes to your sister, I hope this property can help her situation!

I have been researching Tampa area PMs, and found one called Stress Free Property Management that caught my eye. They do the standard 10% per month of rental income, but what I thought was different was they ask for 50% of the first month's rent when they place a tenant. I believe that most PMs charge the entire first month to place a tenant.

My office at Berkshire Hathaway in Brandon has two great property managers. They would love to interview for the job. 

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